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Holistic Healing

Why Holistic Healing?

Holistic mind body healing treats you as the whole person you are.

It recognizes you as an integrated being with a physical body and an energetic body. It recognizes you as part of the interconnected whole of the universe. It recognizes you as an individual with personal needs, wants, desires, hopes, dreams and gifts to give the world. It recognizes that somewhere along the way a part or parts of you got out of balance, lost their way. Mindbody healing helps you regain that balance and your health.

When you nurture or hurt one part of yourself, you affect the whole. When you purposely nurture all of you-mind, body and spirit-you connect with and heal the whole of you. As you heal yourself, you become healthier and happier, more fulfilled and at peace. You affect others and the world in a more positive way. You can't help but make the world a better place. And this too comes back to you.

Holistic healing helps when life is off balance.

A single thought or word has the power to change your life.

You know those words or Thoughts: cancer, diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, lupus. Words or thoughts like these strike fear in your heart. They threaten your quality of life and possibly life itself. Sometimes the treatments are even scarier than the disease. If you have ever sat in a doctor's office and listened to your treatment options, or lack of them, you know what I mean.

Those aren't the only words that turn your life upside down. You know those words too - death, divorce, downsizing, loss, trauma.

Maybe your specific words rise up and call from within. Emotions and feelings long pushed down shout in your head, demanding to be heard. You tell yourself something has to give, to change. You can't go on like this.

Although each of these words appear very different, they are in ways much the same. They make it clear, often in an instant, that like it or not, life as you know it will never be the same. And like it or not, to get better, you and your life have to change. With that realization comes feelings of stress and fear and pain from deep inside.

There is good news.

As scary, shocking, and painful as times of upheaval are, when navigated consciously they have the power to open doors leading to profound mind body healing and transformation. If you have ever heard survivors say that cancer or divorce was the best thing that ever happened to them, this is what they were talking about.

When the wake up call comes, it places you at a crossroad that demands choice and action. With the right attitude, it can lead you from your comfort zone to positive change and blessing.

Above everything believe in your heart that there is always hope. Majority of our ills are caused by lifestyle. That means you have the power to make changes for the better. When your mind and body are given necessary nourishment and harmful substances are avoided you can feel better and get well.

Today is a new day and you can make new, empowered choices with the potential to change your life. That is my hope for you.

Ultimately, only you get to choose your holistic healing path.

You have the choice to continue on as is. You have the choice to choose the road of opportunity and holistic wellness. It is not the easy road but it is the way to a healthier, happier, more meaningful life.

Natural remedies and a holistic approach, along with appropriate medical care when needed, do more than cover up your symptoms. They bring genuine healing and wellness to you as a whole person. They place you as the head of your wellness team.

If natural holistic healing for mind, body and spirit is your choice, you are in the right place.

Know that you do have the power to influence your health and your life for the better. Know that you are not alone. Know you do not have to stay stuck or be perfect. All of life, including how well you take care of yourself, is a journey of meandering paths. And when you lose your way, no matter how often, you can always find it again.

The beauty of life is that each moment brings new gifts and new beginnings.

The first step on your holistic healing path is to take a deep breath. Reorient yourself. Prepare for your mind body healing journey. Take another deep breath. Yes, there will be twists and turns and bumps along the way. It's okay.

I'm here to tell you it is so worth it.

As you progress on your journey of holistic mind body healing you will hear and tell yourself affirming words, maybe for the first time in a long time. The past cannot change, but words like healing, joy, acceptance, love, peace, compassion, serenity, wellness, and bliss can become your present and future reality.

You may be very pleasantly surprised to realize that progress can happen with less struggle, more ease, and greater joy than you ever thought possible.

Facing a health challenge? These nine strategies will show you how to get healthy naturally taking a holistic approach.

Few things are scarier than a dreaded diagnosis, especially a serious one like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s or multiple sclerosis. Painful degenerative conditions like arthritis and autoimmune diseases like lupus cause pain. Mental disorders like depression and anxiety make your world small. All cause suffering, fear, and diminish your quality of life.

First, let me say I am sorry you for what you are going through and I understand. I too have and do deal with my own wellness issues and those of family and friends . It seems none of us are immune. Still, there are definite things you can do to feel better, get well, and stay healthy.

I'm not going to kid you and say that it is easy or fast to get healthy naturally if you have a serious illness. It may, however, be the only way to truly heal. Modern medicine may play an important role in your recovery as well.

Note: This article does not address specifics for various health conditions; there are just too many and everyone is different. Why one person heals and another does not with the same methods remains a mystery. However, if you take this holistic approach for how to get healthy again, you are likely to enjoy big improvements in your overall mind body wellness and in your specific conditions as well.

Strategies for How to Get Healthy

Mind your mindset

Your mindset is vital to helping you get healthy. Get it on board to support you. Be positive and open-minded about what it will take to improve your health. Be patient with yourself and be willing to make changes.

Have hope. Believe that you can get well.

The good news is that even though preventing dis-ease easier and surer than cure, there is much you can do to get healthy naturally in mind and body.

Your body and mind are designed for wellness. The recipe for staying well and getting healthier is simple, but not always easy. It comes down to this. Give body and mind what they need and avoid what harms them. When you consistently do that, you may be surprised how readily you improve.

Yes, some conditions respond faster and more completely than others, sometimes remarkably so. No, cure is not always possible. It depending on a whole host of physical, mental and emotional factors and probably things we don't even know about yet. Do not let that discourage you.

No matter your prognosis, have faith and do what it takes to get well. Abandon the path that created your illness and keeps it progressing. There are no guarantees, but know that many people have enjoyed what can only be called miraculous and spontaneous recoveries. Many more have slowly and methodically healed themselves using a holistic approach.

Clarify what you want. Yes, of course you want to get well, but what does that mean? And why do you want it? Please don't skip this step or gloss over it because you think it is silly or obvious or has nothing to do with you. This is a whole person approach.

Think deeply about these five questions and answer yourself honestly:

  • Do you just want to get rid of a disease or do you want to feel radiantly healthy?
  • What would achieving your desired level of wellness look and feel like?
  • How do you want to spend your time and energy?
  • What would your significant and casual relationships be like?
  • What do you need and want to feel fulfilled?

Once you figure out what you really want, the next six steps will help you make your plan for how to get healthy and follow it through.

Tap into your mind power. Energy follows thought and intent. What you focus on is what your brain helps you create. This is not new age mumbo-jumbo; it is scientific fact.

Mind Healing

Can You Heal Your Body with Your Mind?

Understanding the healing power of the mind and purposely activating mind healing potential has long been a dream of researchers, healers and people seeking to turn around illness. Still, there are more questions than answers.

What is clear and undisputed is that your mind can and does heal your body. What is not always clear is why, when, and how the subconscious mind does so. Or why under similar conditions, some people become pain and illness free while others do not.

We often take for granted the self-healing capabilities of mind and body for certain injuries and illnesses. Our bodies heal themselves and fight off invaders all the time, even when we don't realize it. When we get a skinned knee, we expect it to scab up and heal. We expect a cold to go away in a week or two.

What we do not expect is the miraculous. We do not expect our mind and body to self-heal cancer, or Parkinson's or heart disease, sometimes instantaneously. You would probably go to a different doctor if she told you to go home and heal your body with your mind. Most of us do not believe such a feat is likely, if even possible.

But it is.

Researchers are discovering that such healing is possible, and happens often, when there is belief. The caveat is that the belief has to be held on a subconscious level.

The Healing Power of the Mind

The subconscious mind healing program is triggered by belief, or programming, but that trigger is not always obvious. It could be the colour of the pill, your doctor's white coat, or being wheeled into an operating room. When people believe that a drug, surgery, treatment or a particular doctor is going to heal them, they experience relief or a cure even if the treatment is a sham. This mind healing power of the placebo effect is so strong that it accounts for one-third of all improvements and cures noted in many studies.

When I was a child, my family had a ritual to make pain go away. I did the same with my children. We would "kiss it to make it better." It did not always work, but more often than not the tears would stop. Today, I see my grandchildren receive their healing kiss before running off to play again.

As adults we have our rituals for healing as well. We pray, go to the doctor and the pharmacy, have surgeries, or stay home and eat chicken soup. We take pills and potions or follow certain rules. When our rituals support the deeply held programmed beliefs of the subconscious mind, they help us get better.

Science and Mind Healing

A lot of research and development goes into understanding when and how mind healing works.

What appears to be understood is that mind healing powers lie in the subconscious. The subconscious aims to create coherence, or agreement, between what it believes and reality. It accepts what you believe as truth and manifests according to those beliefs. As the placebo and nocebo effects show us, beliefs can heal or make you sick. This happens repeatedly in clinical trials, much to the bane of drug company researchers.

Science of epigenetics helps explain how you heal your body with your mind.
Unless a gene has a programmed defect (such as haemophilia), it is the cell's environment that primarily affects how a gene expresses itself. The quality of this environment is determined by nutrients, hormones, brain chemicals, toxins and to a large extent your perceptions and beliefs (many coming from your culture).

It makes sense when you consider that your thoughts and emotions influence the brain to release chemicals.

Your powerful subconscious brain orders cells to create disease, repair damage, or heal. As long as the materials and functions for creating and maintaining healthy cells are available, it can instantly provide what the cells need to carry out those orders.

We are often surprised to witness a spontaneous healing of body or mind in ourselves or others. The truth is that this miracle of healing and damage control goes on inside our bodies continuously. Because it is going on unconsciously, we take no notice of it until something goes awry.

Using Mind Healing Techniques

Trying to direct the subconscious to heal at will has led to the resurgence and development of mind healing techniques. Some methods are ancient, some are quite new.

You may experience positive, sometimes miraculous effects mentally and physically when used properly and consistently.

Keep in mind that whatever methods you choose, whether visualization, hypnosis, tapping and so on, your subconscious cannot be primed, coaxed, manipulated, or bullied into carrying out your conscious wishes anymore than hollering at your computer will change its programs.

Mind healing techniques can be used along with conventional medical treatment and natural remedies. When you choose to use therapy, herbs, medication, healing foods, emotional healing techniques, meditation, hypnosis or surgery, that does not mean you lack the belief to heal. Together with your belief they can set the healing power of the mind in motion, remove what is harming you, and provide what is needed for healing and continued wellness.

Three Steps to Maximize Body Mind Healing

Follow these three steps to maximize your ability to heal your body with your mind.

1. Neutralize interferences - Identify and negate limiting beliefs, emotional blocks, and the lure of secondary gains, or side benefits of being ill. This subconscious interference keeps you from realizing your conscious desire to heal. Use one or more of these methods for help.

The added bonus of using some of these techniques is a physical healing to accompany the mental healing of releasing long-held negative emotions. For example, experienced EFT professionals document a 70% or higher success rate for reducing negative emotions and a 50% success rate for improving or resolving physical issues. Dr Sarno claims a 70% success rate using pain protocols that address and delete subconscious nocebo programs. Once they are gone, the body relaxes and restores balance.

A great many people experience healing following forgiveness of deeply held judgments against self and others. Personally, I experienced an amazing mental healing when I expressed heart-felt gratitude for a difficult situation. Perhaps that was also because inherent in my thanksgiving was a releasing of my resentment.

2. Provide and/or remove. Your subconscious cannot do its job of healing and restoring balance if it does not have the vitamins, minerals and other building blocks of health it needs. It cannot heal if problematic substances such as toxins are present. Avoid foods and chemicals that create sensitivities. Make a habit of relaxing mind and body so your brain can release healing hormones. And get enough sleep and physical activity. The body and mind must relax to heal.

3. Use subconscious programming techniques to create new neural networks that support health, healing, and other life goals. Visualization, hypnosis, and meditation are three popular, effective techniques when used properly and consistently.

Although experts may debate how to heal your body with your mind and which techniques actually work, no one argues the reality of mind healing or the mind body connection. Your mind has the potential to restore your health, whether it happens quickly and completely or slowly over time. It can happen in a blink with no conscious effort at all.

Holistic Energy Healing Guide

Welcome to the Holistic Energy Healing Guide. This page is your portal to related pages about healing with energy, the principles of energy medicine, and techniques for you to learn and experience.

With its many forms, vibrational or energetic healing has long been a primary health care system of peoples around the globe. In other cultures, it is considered alternative or complementary medicine.

Some words associated with the alternative energy healing health field - meridians, chakras, energy field- may already be familiar to you. You may have also experienced modalities such as reiki, acupuncture, laying on of hands, and the Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Regardless of the words and techniques used, energy healing is based on concepts that the modern world has forgotten and is now remembering. Simply put,

"It's all energy, dear reader, it's all energy."

Thanks to more sensitive equipment, science now validates some beliefs about our energetic makeup previously dismissed as "woo-woo". There is much to learn, but what is now clear is that we are beings of light and energy right down to each and every cell in our bodies. These cells vibrate at specific frequencies. It only makes sense, then, that wellness and healing are truly about energetics.

About Holistic Energy Healing

We are beginning to see some forms of energy medicine making their way into mainstream medicine. Light therapy soothes psoriasis. Lasers are used to cut through body tissue in surgery. MRIs image our bodies. Music is played to ease post-operative pain. Nurses trained in energy healing help patients relax and heal. Energy healing techniques, recognized or not, are classified as forms of complementary alternative medicine (CAM).

Present day uses of the terms holistic energy healing and energy medicine imply that there is an intentional working with the vibrational field of the universe, and the energy we are all made of, to positively affect and restore health.

Whether you are on the receiving or facilitating end of holistic energy healing, learning about the human bio-field and how to support yourself and others energetically will be most helpful.

One of these principles is vibrational resonance. If you are having ever heard a crystal bowl 'singing' along with a musical instrument, or seen clock pendulums swinging in unison, you have the concept behind energy therapeutics. The energy field of the person being treated is encouraged to entrain, or get into resonance, with the healer or form of vibrational medicine being used.

Energy Medicine

Energy therapeutics focus on concepts and techniques that foster wellness by working directly on your energetic vibrational field. These methods can be as simple as focused breathing, or as complicated as acupuncture. Some methods lend themselves nicely as self-healing aids. Others require a skilled practitioner or partner.

Some techniques require that you use your hands to interact directly with the vibrational field in and around the body. Others use aids such as crystals, herbs, natural substances, or chants and singing bowls to facilitate balance and healing.

Meridian therapies work by stimulating and sedating the body's energy channels. Acupuncture is a well known form of alternative energy healing focused on the meridians. Techniques such as acupressure and EFT make it possible to positively affect this system without the use of needles.

Chakra Healing

Chakra healing is a form of alternative holistic energy healing used alone or in combination with other forms of energy therapeutics.

It is believed that seven chakra energy centres located in front and back of your body. In addition, there are many secondary energy centres located in other areas of your body including your hands and feet.

Chakras bring energy into your body and interact with your energy field. They influence your health, healing, personality and more. Learn the function of each chakra and how to treat them to regular balancing as part of your holistic energy healing protocol.

Since everyone and everything is made of energy, it makes sense that everything you put in your body, every thought you think, every action you take, the people you interact with, and your environment continually affect your energy system for better or worse.

Use this knowledge to help yourself heal and be happy.

If holistic energy healing, or some parts of it, sounds like nonsense or science fiction to you, that's okay. I encourage you to learn a little more and experiment with a few techniques as part of your holistic healing wellness plan. You may just be amazed by what you experience.